Employment for Adults with Disabilities

Do you have a disability and need a job? Are you a parent, friend or guardian of an individual with a disability that needs a job? We are highly aware of the obstacles that you will encounter in your job search. We would like to help.

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Lafayette employs individuals that have developmental disabilities to do hand assembly and packaging. We believe that everyone has skills that can be useful. We're experts at harnessing the most basic abilities and making them an integral part of our packaging operation.

Potential employees aren't required to take a skills or aptitude test. However, they must have the desire to contribute on some level, using the best of their abilities. In addition, they have to be willing to become part of a team.

We realize that new employees may have some difficulties in adapting to a new work environment. That's why we provide work skills training. We provide it initially for a smooth transition, then we provide it on an ongoing basis, as it's needed. We want to ensure the long term success of every Lafayette employee.

We also believe that everyone needs to enjoy their job and feel a kinship with their co-workers in order to be happy and successful. We want our employees to enjoy rich social lives at work, as well as outside of the workplace. That's why we provide many opportunities for social interaction by sponsoring programs and events such as music therapy, dances and sports outings.

Work Hard and Enjoy the Rewards!