Mailing and Fulfillment Services

Mailing Services

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Lafayette Industries has been in the mailing business for over 30 years.  We specialize in hand insertion mailers that cannot be automated.  Recent mailings include thick church directories exceeding the quarter inch automation requirements; coin medallions taped to carrier card, inserted and mailed; hand insertion of page that wouldn’t fit printers automated inserter; and a national brand promotional mailer with product samples inserted.  Our mailroom supervisor has been with Lafayette for 20 years and uses United States Postal Service standards to bundle, tray and sack standard mail for delivery to the post office as well as prepare container/sack tags and postal forms required for USPS acceptance.

Fulfillment Services Fufillment Cycle

Our warehouse holds over 2,100 pallets of material.  After assembling or packaging Lafayette Industries can store finished goods for order fulfillment.  One of our most popular programs is taking online orders from sales reps for sending sample requirements B2B to their customers.    We also do batch fulfillment by importing your address database into UPS or FedEx databases for direct print onto their labels, then shipping via your account or ours.


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